Selena Gomez, in talks to produce a reboot of the film A career woman

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Work in progress for the realization of the reboot of the film A career woman, directed by Mike Nichols and holder of six Academy Awards nominations. As reported by Deadline, Selena Gomez would be in talks to produce the film.

a career woman, the development of the reboot

It is 1988 when Melanie Griffith she plays Tess McGill in the film featuring Harrison Ford And Sigourney Weaver in the roles of Jack Trainer and Katharine Parker.

The film turns out to be one of the great hits of the 1980s, grossing over one hundred million dollars at the box office, triumphing in four categories at the Golden Globe and winning six nominations for the Academy Awardsamong the nominations obtained those in the categories Best movie, Best Direction And Best Actress in a Leading Role.

More than thirty years after the release of the film, Deadline has revealed exclusively that Selena Gomez would be in talks to produce a reboot of the work, but no news on her possible involvement as an actress.

Additionally, the magazine announced that the script would be entrusted to Ilana Pena.

Maximum confidentiality regarding the synopsis and any names of the cast, while the distribution could take place on Hulu.