Selena Gomez shares tips to combat mental health problems on Instagram

Selena Gomez He recently spoke about his mental health issues during which he shared some tips with his fans for saying goodbye to all the blues.

The Wolves hitmaker recently announced an upcoming platform, Wondermind , where people can talk about their ‘mental fitness journey ‘.

In a video shared on the official Instagram account on November 30, the singer explained: “Sometimes I’m not good at it. “I wake up and struggle, maybe sometimes I just get out of bed.”

“What helps me, first and foremost, is just picking up the phone and calling someone”, said.

The star of Wizards of Waverly Place He also talked about exploring our emotions more. She said: “I think what really helps me understand myself a little more is that I can take a step back and think about all the tools that I have learned and try to implement them in my daily life. That is usually what helps me.”

Last but not least, Gomez He also emphasized the importance of exercising when he said: “I hate working out. It’s not fun, but I’ve been doing intense boxing classes recently, and it’s really helped me exercise a lot. Frustration, but also energy and it feels so good.”