Sells copies of Squid Game, a student shot in North Korea

Seven other young people were arrested for watching the series, one of them was sentenced to life in prison and others will go to forced labor.

North Korea sentenced a student to death who released copies of the South Korean series ‘Squid game’ at home. According to reports from the Daily Mail, the young man returned from China with a digital reproduction of the Netflix series, hidden in a USB stick, and sold some copies to several people, including other students. Caught in the act by the country’s surveillance services, he was executed by firing squad.

Radio Free Asia reported that one student who bought a copy of the record was sentenced to life in prison, while six others who watched the series were sentenced to five years of hard labor.

The arrests are believed to have taken place in the northern province of Hamgyong, on the border with China. “It all started last week when a high school student secretly bought a USB stick containing Squid Game and then watched the show with one of his best friends in class,” said a law enforcement source in the province of. North Hamgyong in the Korean RFA market.

The arrest of the seven students marks the first time that the government has applied the new law on the “Elimination of reactionary thought and culture”, in a case involving minors. The law, enacted last year, provides for death as the maximum penalty for viewing, storing or distributing media from capitalist countries, particularly South Korea and the United States.