Senate, Angi awards Ignazio La Russa

During the meeting at Palazzo Madama, Angi awarded the President with the Innovation Government Award

Angi, the National Association of Young Innovators, was received by the President of the Senate of the Republic, Ignazio La Russa. The meeting, which took place at Palazzo Madama, was attended by the President of Angi Gabriele Ferrieri (formerly ForbesU30) and Dr. Ylenia Totino (director of Angi luxury&life style). During the meeting, Angi conferred the Innovation Government Award on President La Russa. “We are extremely proud today to have been received like Angi by the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa and to have had the immeasurable honor of being able to give him as young innovators a special mention, the Innovation Government Award, to underline his great dedication and contribution as a servant of the state. At the moment, Italy must put innovation and future generations at the center of the agenda for the relaunch and development of our country’s ecosystem. An appeal that we brought in our message to the President during our meeting, making ourselves available on the front of economic and digital policies in order to be able to give our support to institutions in the name of innovation and sustainability”, declared the president of Angi, Gabriele Ferrieri.