Senate, Filippo Sensi proclaimed senator: he takes the place of Bruno Astorre

La Russa remembers the Pd senator who died last March 3: “He left an unfillable void in anyone who knew him”

“Following the death of Bruno Astorre, Filippo Sensi is proclaimed senator as the first of the unelected”. The president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa announced it in the Chamber before the commemoration of the senator Pd.

“On March 3, a few days before his 60th birthday, Senator Astorre tragically left us, an event that has shaken public opinion and left a void that cannot be filled not only in his family but in all of us, in anyone who knew him, frequented him or simply had the honor of sharing with him a trait of the institutional life of the nation”, the president of the Senate punctuated, underlining how Astorre “has always distinguished by his competence, education and style, as the exponents of political forces other than his confirmed to me, starting with the minister Lollobrigida who was keen to be present today”.

“A popular Christian Democrat, he has been able to embody the politics of our day while keeping the traditions firm starting from his roots in the territory. His disappearance is a pain for all of us, we greeted him in the funeral chamber of the Senate, starting with those who, like colleagues from the Pd, he also attended him outside this courtroom, much more than others. To you colleagues from the Pd, to his family, my personal condolences and the unanimous one of the senators of the Republic “, concludes La Russa inviting the senators to observe a minute of recollection, following which there was a long applause in the Senate Hall.