Senate, lawyer Vaccarella: “The elections have proved Lotito right, it’s time to heal vulnus”

“In tip of law the House should ratify decision, not a political vote”

“The vote in the Chamber should not be a political vote. The Election Junta functions as a court and pronounces its decisions in terms of law, giving a reason. The Chamber should pronounce on what is in effect it is a sentence on Lotito’s appeal “. Professor Romano Vaccarella, former judge of the Constitutional Court, underlines this to the Adnkronos, in view of the final vote on the allocation of the senatorial seat. The Junta of elections and parliamentary immunities of Palazzo Madama accepted in September 2020 the appeal presented by Lotito after his non-election to the 2018 policies. Candidate in Campania for Forza Italia, the number one of the Biancoceleste company claims the seat occupied by the senator Vincenzo Carbone, former Forza Italia and today in the ranks of Italia Viva.

“In Parliament there is this body that acts as a judicial body and therefore it would only be a question of ratifying the decision of the Executive, unless there is a reason to express a different opinion on the judicial level. In fact, in general, the Chamber ratifies the decision of the council. On the point of law, therefore – adds the lawyer Vaccarella – there should be no doubts about the outcome of the vote in the Chamber, hoping that other types of evaluations will not prevail. The Senate regulation provides that the Chamber votes on the decision of the Executive within 30 days. Here it took them more than a year, it would be time to heal this vulnus “.