Senate, withdrew amendment to send weapons to Ukraine

The amendment provided for the extension of the shipment of weapons to Kiev

The amendment to the Nato-Health Service in Calabria decree on the extension of the shipment of weapons to Ukraine to be examined by the Foreign-Defence and Social Affairs Commissions in the Senate was withdrawn by the speakers, after the initial shelving.

“The Government has never hidden itself on the subject of sending weapons to Ukraine. Minister Crosetto has repeatedly reiterated his willingness to report to the Chambers before sending them as required by a law approved by the Draghi government”, says Luca Ciriani, Minister for Relations with Parliament, at the end of the meeting of group leaders in the Senate.

“It is a matter of extending the effects of that rule which expires on 31-12 – he explains – The choice of the amendment is a technique to speed up the filing and guarantee its conversion by the end of the year. If there are guarantees from the opposition to converting the decree by 31-12, the CDM will consider this possibility because there is no desire to hide”.

“The Government will always inform Parliament of what it will do, according to a standardized procedure: Parliament’s consent, Government action, control by Copasir. Nothing changes to this regime”. Could you go to the CDM on Thursday? “I don’t know. It depends on the calendar of the House and the Senate which is very crowded. But if everyone is willing – concludes the parliamentarian – I think it can be done”.