Sensational news at Amici 22: never happened before, what the public can do

Sensational news at Amici 22: never happened before, what the public can do during this edition of the talent show.

The twenty-second edition of Friends has come alive: the new class has been formed and the students have joined the teachers, who will follow them in the course of this exciting adventure. Prof who will play a key role in their continuation in the program.

Friends 22 (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

It will not be enough to get the jersey at the beginning: the students will have to continually demonstrate to the teachers that they deserve the place in school. The teachers, in fact, at any time can jeopardize the permanence of the competitors in the school. The official page of the program made it clear what the powers of the professors are, but something in particular has attracted the attention of viewers. A sensational news in the mechanism, which will involve the audience of the talent. What is it about? We tell you everything.

Amici 22, sensational news in the regulation: this is what the public can do

The doors of the most famous school on TV reopen. Amici is back on stage with the 22nd edition, which promises to be full of emotions and, above all, talented. The new talent competitors are 19, including dancers and singers: the professors have the task of supporting them and helping them to grow during this experience. Speaking of professors, what are the powers that each professor has in the school?

To clarify this was the official social page of the talent, which summarized the main points of the role of teachers. As we have already said, the students will have to demonstrate that they deserve the school sweatshirt every single day, since otherwise, the teachers will be able to proceed in different ways. Each teacher can choose not to confirm his student, eliminating him from the group. As for last year, another teacher will be able to ‘save’ the student by bringing him into his own group, but what if this does not happen? And here there is a further possibility for the competitor, which can be saved thanks to the ‘public bench’. What is it about?

It has not been explained in detail, but among the comments to the post many have wondered what it was the audience bench. The hypothesis is that the public from home, perhaps through televoting, can choose to give the possibility for the eliminated student to continue his adventure. There remains the possibility for the professors to suspend the shirt for a period of time or to directly replace one of their students with another, identified in the castings that continue to be carried out regularly.

new friends 22
Friends Rules (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait for the next episodes to find out more about the ‘audience bench’ and the rules of the talent show. The second afternoon appointment with the program will be broadcast on Sunday 25 September 2022, starting at 2.00 pm. Don’t miss it!