Sensational news in the Beautiful house: two characters change actors!

Sensational news in the Beautiful house: two characters of the famous soap opera change actor; all the details.

Real bombs are going off a Beautiful! First Liam’s confession about Vinny Walker’s death, then Paris’s shocking discovery about Carter and Quinn. Is it over here?

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Obviously, the answer is no: this is just the beginning and, very soon, really everything will happen in the American soap opera. Both as regards the young Spencer, who is currently in prison with dad Bill. Both for the two lovers Carter and Quinn, whose relationship is about to become less and less ‘clandestine’. Waiting to find out what will happen in detail, we reveal another succulent anticipation, which however does not concern the plot, but the cast. In fact, two actors are about to arrive in the series, who will play existing characters. That’s right, two protagonists of the soap will soon change faces. Curious to find out who it is? We reveal everything to you.

Beautiful, new cast: two characters change face, who are the new actors

The news, at Beautiful, never fails. Soon, Italian viewers will see many returns on stage, starting with that of the ruthless Sheila Carter, who will return to Los Angeles and, as she usually does, will generate panic and suffering. Today, however, we are talking about two new entries who will join the cast of actors, in the role of characters who already appear in the series. Who are we talking about?

Of two baby stars! The first is Django Ferri, who will land at Beautiful in the role of little Douglas, the son of Thomas, who also has Hope in custody. The child was played for some time by Henry Joseph Samiri, but, as reported by TV Soap, the young actor has other work commitments. Thomas’s son will therefore return to the scene after several months of absence and will have a new face. In all likelihood, Douglas will become central to the plot again: custody of him could create new conflicts between Thomas and Hope.

But Douglas won’t be the only child to change his face. Same fate also for Kelly Spencer, the daughter of Liam and Steffy. Sophia Paras Mckinlay will be replaced by Remington Blaire Evans, which has already appeared in American episodes. As always, we will have to wait a few months between the episodes in the US and the broadcast in our country. Which is why we will see the ‘old’ actors in the role of the little ones for a while longer. In particular, Douglas will be very important in a storyline that is about to arrive: he will be the one to discover a betrayal show, witnessing a clandestine kiss between two lovers.

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Hope Logan (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

And little Beth Spencer? No change for Liam’s other daughter, born of love with Hope: the little one will continue to be played by River Davidson.