Seoul denounces: shooting in the free zone from North Korea, violated agreements

The tension between Seoul and Pyongyang continues. The assembled South Korean Army Chiefs said that “North Korea fired around 170 artillery rounds in the ‘buffer zone’, in violation of the 2018 Inter-Korean Agreement”. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. Military sources also specified that the missile tested yesterday by North Korea towards the Sea of ​​Japan flew for about 700 km at an apogee of about 50 km at the maximum speed of Mach 6, six times the speed of sound. “Such continuous provocations by North Korea are acts that undermine peace and stability not only on the Korean peninsula, but also in the international community”, complained the South Korean leaders, also cited by Yonhap.

Seoul imposes sanctions on 15 individuals and 16 North Korean institutions

The South Korean military also denounced how more than 10 North Korean military aircraft flew to areas close to the no-fly zone between the two countries, prompting Seoul to take off fighter jets. In light of these actions, South Korea has imposed sanctions on 15 North Korean individuals and 16 institutions, all linked to the missile program.