Serbia, great success for Vucic’s SNS in the new vote in 38 seats

The SNS, President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progress Party, largely established itself in the repetition of the parliamentary and local vote in Belgrade which took place yesterday in 38 polling stations across Serbia. This was reported late in the evening by Vucic himself, according to whom his party could now win up to 130 seats out of the total of 250 in the unicameral parliament of the Balkan country.

Repetition of the vote

Due to obvious irregularities found in the vote of December 17th, yesterday the parliamentary elections were repeated in 35 seats in Serbia and the administrative elections in Belgrade in three seats in the capital. The consultation held two weeks ago was harshly contested by the opposition, who denounced serious and widespread fraud in favor of Vucic’s SNS and called for the annulment of the results and new elections.

The results communicated by Vucic

Speaking at his party headquarters, the Serbian president said that in the 35 seats where voting returned for the legislative elections the SNS received 69.5%, compared to the 8.31% obtained by Serbia against violence (SPN), the main coalition of the opposition front, and 5.58% went to the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) of the Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic. The turnout in this new vote was 43%. Again according to the results held by Vucic, in the three seats where voting was once again held for the Belgrade municipal elections, the SNS obtained 64.49%, the SPN 17.70%, Noi Voce del Popolo 7.5 %. The turnout was 41.64%.

The words of the president and the protests

“There will be no revolution, nor any violent seizure of power in Serbia: the people have clearly indicated who they want to give their support to”, declared Vucic, referring to the protests against alleged fraud that the opposition organizes daily in Belgrade from the day after the December 17 elections. Among other things, anti-government protests and rallies were also recorded yesterday in the capital, in which various student organizations joined. In his speech Vucic stated that between the end of February and the beginning of March the country will have a new government to continue on the path of reform, development and modernization of the country. The president then added that Serbia intends to move forward with the process of integration into the European Union, without however giving up its traditional and historic friendly relations with Russia and China.