Serena Grandi: “I had 100 men, Panatta the coolest of all”

“I said no to Gianni Agnelli. Berlusconi? I don’t think he liked me”

He turns 65 (even if he gets confused and says he has one more) but he feels 28. The birthday girl in question is Serena Grandi, famous Italian actress and sex symbol, who today was a guest of ‘Un Giorno da Pecora’, the Rai Radio1 broadcast conducted by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari. Who at the beginning of the interview wished her well by asking her: how old is she? ”66-she replied-but I feel 28. I’m living a new phase of life, as an author of crime books’ ‘. She was born in 1958 though. So she turns 65, not 66.

”You are right, but by now I don’t understand anything anymore, in fact what you are giving me is extraordinary news!”, Grandi joked. She today she is she in love? ”I’m in love with love. I would only go out with the criminologist Garofalo, with whom I would talk about crime ”, she said. Is it true that she has had hundreds of men? ”Yes, if I look at my database it is like this”, admitted the actress. Who is most in your heart? ” Maybe it will dry up but Adriano Panatta remained in my heart – she revealed – When I met him he was 30 years old, he was crazy cool. He was likeable, transgressive, much better than Berrettini, who seems a bit ‘soft’ to me”.

Among sportsmen who else remembers with pleasure? ” Giorgio Chinaglia-revealed the actress again-Very cool, but it’s a pity that he only had one problem. He would drink, and when he did it was hard to share some things”. How true is your ‘no’ to Gianni Agnelli? ”He was young but for him I would have been one of many. I’m not one of many, not even for Agnelli – Grandi told ‘A Sheep Day – The only one who really didn’t make me feel this way was my husband, who passed away ten years ago”.

Did you also know Silvio Berlusconi? ”I don’t think he liked me-he admitted-maybe he had others, the fact is with me he has never tried. I was married at the time and a serious man doesn’t try in these cases. However, I signed a contract with him for three films and he told me I would become a movie star”. Tinto Brass turns 90 on Sunday. What does he wish him? ”Let it remain as it has always been, he taught me true cinema”, he concluded.