Serena Mollicone murder, all acquitted: the sentence

The sentence of the Court of Assizes of the Court of Cassino. Insults to Mottola outside the court

(by the correspondent Giorgia Sodaro) – 21 years after the murder of Serena Mollicone, the young girl from Arce killed in 2001, the sentence of the Court of Assizes of the Court of Cassino arrived: the Carabinieri Marshal Franco Mottola, his son Marco, and his wife Annamaria are States “acquitted for not having committed the deed”. This is the sentence issued by the Court of Assizes of the Court of Cassino for the Carabinieri Marshal Franco Mottola, his son Marco, and his wife Annamaria, accused of complicity in the murder of Serena Mollicone. Acquitted because the fact does not exist Quatrale and Suprano. The sentence came after about 8 hours in the Council Chamber. The judges left the court at 11.18 and left with the verdict at 19.30. “The truth is out”, Marco Mottola’s comment after the sentence, greeted with tears and hugs by the accused and their families.

CHAOS AND INSULTS – After the sentence there were moments of chaos and tension in front of the court of Cassino. “Bastards”, “assassins”, the insults directed at the Carabinieri Marshal Franco Mottola, his son Marco, and his wife Annamaria as they left the courthouse by the many citizens of Arce who were awaiting the decision of the Court of Assizes. The carabinieri had to intervene to quell the spirits. “It is sad to live in a country that does not respect the sentences and to have to be escorted by the police to make a press conference”, said the lawyer Francesco Germani, historical defender of the Mottola family, during the press conference convened after the sentence.

The prosecutor had asked for 30 years for Franco Mottola, 24 for his son Marco, 21 years for his wife Annamaria, 15 years for Quatrale and four years for Suprano, all accused of complicity in the murder. Quatrale was also accused of instigating the suicide of Brigadier Santino Tuzi while for Suprano the accusation was aiding and abetting. The trial that started on March 19, 2021 comes to an end after 16 months and over 50 hearings, not without twists.

The first audience was held on March 19, Father’s Day, a symbolic date, interpreted by many as a tribute to Guglielmo Mollicone, that father who spent his life fighting for the truth but died before the trial.

“It is a black page for the State, a further suffering was inflicted on the victim, only death spared Guglielmo further pain”, said the lawyer Dario De Santis, lawyer of Serena’s father and uncle, Guglielmo and Antonio Mollicone. “The truth is quite different, we will not stop in front of this meanness”, said Antonio Mollicone, Serena’s uncle.

CASSINO PROSECUTOR – ” This Public Prosecutor acknowledges the decision that the Court of Assize in its freedom of determination has chosen. All the evidence that has been collected in recent years, amidst so many difficulties, was offered. The Cassino prosecutor could not do more. The elements in support of the accusation have passed the examination of the preliminary hearing. The controversy between the parties during the numerous hearings held before the Court evidently convinced the judges that the accused were not guilty. It will be interesting to read the reasons on which an analytical and scrupulous examination will be made to propose the reasons for the accusation before the higher judge ”. Thus in one of the notes the Attorney of the Republic of Cassino Luciano d’Emmanuele after the sentence. “This Prosecutor and all the Deputies thank Dr. Siravo for the great commitment she showed during the investigation and the young colleague Fusco for the careful and scrupulous participation in the hearings”.