Serena Rossi: ” In ‘Mina Settembre 2’ nothing will be as it seems ”

From 2 October on Raiuno in prime time the new episodes of the series freely inspired by the stories of Maurizio de Giovanni

Come back upstairs Rai1 in prime time the second season of ‘Mina Settembre’,

sentimental set in Napleswhich features a social worker from the Rione Sanità counseling center, played by Serena Rossi constantly looking for a solution to the problems of others. The tvmovie, on the air from 2 October it is at the same time also the story of a woman with a strong character, but also a sweet and fragile one who tries to put her life back on its feet. The series (six evenings) is directed by Tiziana Aristarco, written by Fabrizio Cestaro, Fabrizia Midulla, Silvia Napolitano and Costanza Durante and is freely based on the stories of Maurizio de Giovanni. “We are happy to start this season with ‘Mina seven 2’, a highly successful female series that reached almost 7 million spectators and an average of 25% share when it started, ” points out Mair Pia Admire yourself, director of Rai Fiction during the presentation of ‘Mina Settembre 2’. “I am very fond of Mina and her red coat, I love her. She represents the Naples I like, she is a good person. In a historical moment in which the different frightens us – explains Rossi – a series with a protagonist who welcomes ‘the different’ and considers it her priority in life to be a beautiful message. Mina reassures, listens and tries to trust young people as well. As for sentimental choices, nothing will be what it seems: a choice, however, she will take ‘ ‘At the end of the first season Mina discovered that Irene, her best friend, was her father’s lover and that Irene’s son, Gianluca, is the fruit of that clandestine affair. ‘aunt Mina’ suddenly finds himself having a brother. And that’s not all: her love life is now at a crossroads. Neither Claudio (Giorgio Pasotti, editor’s note) nor Domenico (Giuseppe Zeno) have checked it out and for now there is a question mark on the choice of Mina. But the news of an attack involving Claudio upsets her balance, which she feels her feelings for him resurface.

So why not give yourself a second chance? Claudio could not be happier, but there is only one problem: his house is half destroyed by the attack, and therefore he will have to start over at Olga’s house (Marina Confalone, ed). Which, however, she immediately gets out of trouble: she has decided to leave alone for a cruise around the world, a dream that she had for some time. A little perplexed Mina just has to say hello, thinking that maybe this will make her relationship with Claudio easier. But the situation becomes complicated immediately. When Mina returns to the clinic, there is a surprise waiting for her: Domenico, even though he continues to work in a private clinic, has decided to conduct a sex education course in a health school. And who better than Mina to accompany him in this new adventure? Too bad that that proposal leaves Mina in a sea of ​​doubts: how to explain the emotion she felt in seeing Domenico again? In addition, here comes another novelty: Rosa (interpreted by the new entry Marisa Laurito, ed) Olga’s sister shows up at her house for ‘a few days’. Day that becomes week soon. Aunt Rosa is the exact opposite of Olga: affectionate, caring, chatty, even too much. Not to mention that the extravagant aunt, who claims to have some kind of premonitions, starts putting a flea in Mina’s ear: what if Olga wasn’t her where she says she is? Between Domenico and Olga’s mysterious departure, Mina would really need her friends. It’s a pity that you don’t talk to Irene anymore and that Titti, pregnant, has something else on her mind. So you just have to turn to a psychotherapist.

With the doctor Giulia Postiglione Mina gets along quickly. And from session to session, she begins to feel more and more clearly that Domenico is the right man for her. But when she decides to leave Claudio and change direction, she discovers that Domenico is already busy. Mina will therefore have to discover the secret of her mother and in the meantime try to recover Domenico, a feat that seems more complicated than expected. ” It was a real challenge to make the second series of a product so loved by the public, to be able to preserve the style while also giving something new to this new chapter. In short, do not betray the red coat even if our Mina is wearing a new one – adds the director Tiziana Aristarco – Change the scarf by bringing new colors. Our story starts a few weeks later where we left off. The Gulf of Naples makes room for Procida. Still with a blue sea, we decided to start over. Naples, however, remains the protagonist of this new story that collects many new cases that our social worker will have to face together with her life, with new encounters, with the arrival of a very bulky aunt, with her sentimental torments. The cast remained the same ”

There are three important new entries – reveals the director – Marisa Laurito, Olga’s sister (Marina Confalone), Antonia Liskova a bit analyst and a bit… oh well you will see it and Yari Gugliucci a lawyer who will bring some confusion. I tried to raise the bar of Mina Settembre 2, not taking anything for granted. By working on the details and trying to make everything credible and modern ”. ” Always great attention to the staging, the acting, the locations, the costumes – she concludes – For me being able to tell true, everyday stories with simplicity was a constant thought. With Serena Rossi, the usual complicity started immediately and we strengthened each other in these six months of hard work ”. ‘Mina Settembre 2’ is a Rai Fiction – Italian International Film co-production, produced by Fulvio and Paola Lucisano.