Serena Rossi, manicure to imitate: the chosen color is super delicate and perfect for autumn

Serena Rossi’s manicure is totally to be imitated: the color chosen for her nails is super delicate and perfect for autumn.

Very close to the return of Serena Rossi on the small screen! After months of ‘The secret song’, a program that saw her lead alone for the first time, the Neapolitan actress is ready to thrill her audience with the new episodes of Mina Settembre and all the surprising news of her.

Serena shot. Credits: Instagram

Away from the small screen for several months, Serena Rossi he has never lost the habit of showing himself and interacting with his followers. It is precisely through her Instagram channel, in fact, that the Neapolitan actress has made herself heard on several occasions in recent months, not even missing the opportunity to reveal the stages of her summer and her trip to America.

Returning to life as usual – just as Belen Rodriguez did recently – Serena Rossi also wanted to regenerate. And as the ‘first step’ you chose the beautician. Have you also seen the color that the Neapolitan actress chose for her nails? Not only is it super gentle on her still perfectly tanned hands, but also perfect for the upcoming fall season. In short, one manicure to imitate!

Serena Rossi’s manicure is very popular: the color chosen will be the trend of autumn

If Bianca Atzei chose a rather bright shade for her nails, Serena Rossi he wanted a decidedly more sober color. In both cases, it is something incredible, which has conquered everyone. However, we are sure that the nail polish of the Neapolitan actress will be the new trend of autumn.

Very active on her official social channel, Serena Rossi always knows how to get her audience into her daily life. Sifting through her Instagram channel, in fact, we tracked down several shots that portray her on the set of Mina Settembre – whose new episodes include an absolute novelty – but also in the company of her partner Davide and her family. In short, it cannot be said at all that the Neapolitan actress is not a social girl. This will be precisely the reason that prompted her to share the new one with her audience manicure done? Most likely, yes! A few days ago, Rossi chose to fix her nails, choosing a decidedly ‘top’ color. The beautiful Serena has chosen not to dare, as we said, but to have a color applied that is ideal for the autumn season. Are you curious to see it too? Here it is:

serena rossi manicure
IG Story Rossi. Credits: Instagram

As you can see from the photo above, it would seem that Serena has chosen a nude color for her nails, perfect for her hands but also for any type of season. We told you it was incredible, right? We are sure that now everyone will want a similar manicure.