Sergio Caputo: ”I am a free spirit’ is my manifesto”

The artist returns to the scene with a new single and says about the Sanremo Festival: “I’d like to go back”

A song available on all digital platforms for a few hours which has already achieved widespread success and which represents a “manifesto, a public declaration of how I am and my character”. Sergio Caputo, the author of ‘An Italian Saturday’, returns to the scene with the single ‘I’m a free spirit’ with which he says he has “never adapted to being a public figure. In fact, as soon as I get off the stage I go back to the anonymity. From the comments that come to me – he says interviewed by AdnKronos – I realize that everyone is identifying with this song because there is a desire to free themselves, to also feel outside the mold that we often impose on ourselves”.

Looking at the most current events, namely the Sanremo Festival, in which he participated in 1987 with ‘Il Garibaldi in love’, Caputo does not hesitate to state: “I would like to go back because it is the only music event left in Italy and if it doesn’t pass from there it is very difficult to be considered by the media. I would like to return but I don’t think they will ever choose me again. I went with the big names: there was Toto Cutugno, Casale, Mia Martini and Fausto Leali. They were really the big names, those who now take part have only made one piece”.

Returning to reflect on his new single, Caputo explains: “This is a song that came out like this, suddenly and I wasn’t expecting it also because I have around seventy unfinished songs that I would like to complete. Today, as physical media no longer exists, making album no longer makes much sense because people download a song that they like and don’t want the others. Nonetheless, this song could be included in the project of an album which, on paper, already exists because I have to choose the most beautiful and complete them”, says Caputo who is currently on a tour dedicated to the 40th anniversary of ‘An Italian Saturday’.

“We are having – states the artist – an amazing success, last week we had a sold out in Bologna at the Duse theatre. A success, touching for me, which we also achieved in Florence. We will be in Rome on 13 March and then we will go in Milan. Furthermore, next week I will have a mini-tour as a trio in Puglia, we will go to Martina Franca, Taranto and Foggia. In short, we will alternate concerts with the Trio formation and concerts in theatres”. The song is accompanied by a video “of which I am very proud”, states the musician who underlines: “The fact that my pieces have always been defined as surreal pushed me to make a reference to surrealism. I therefore created a video that recalls the surrealists, from Magritte to André Breton”, he concludes.