Sergio Costa’s appeal: “The mountains have changed, consult Meteomont”

Our snow report with the avalanche risk index “is a global excellence, it should be consulted by everyone, even the most expert, because climate change is also changing our peaks”

What is happening on our peaks, with the increasingly recurring episodes of avalanches and landslides, often with tragic outcomes, “is not normal. But the mountain is no longer what it used to be“. The vice president of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Costa told AdnKronos, launching an appeal to all those who love and frequent the mountains: “We have one of the most advanced snow and mountain bulletin services in the world, Meteomont, a worldwide excellence, carried out by a State structure, the Forestry Carabinieri. My appeal to citizens is to read this bulletin where you can consult the avalanche risk index, where it is higher and where it is lower”. He is well aware that he is not only a former Minister of the Environment but also a general of the Arma on leave.

An appeal that Costa addresses to everyone, even to those who are more experienced, because with climate change, even the mountains have changed and “experience must be updated to the new situation” which is a situation of greater risk. “In late winter-early spring, the avalanche risk is higher because the snow changes consistency, but statistics tell us that this risk increases from year to year and has reached levels we were not used to. Climate change affects: not only is there no snow but the snow is different, more watery, and the glaciers are receding, elements which, together, are an indication of rising temperatures”, he concludes.