Sergio D’Elia: “They crucify Marcello De Angelis but Mambro and Fioravanti have nothing to do with it”

The former Front Line, now secretary of Hands Off Cain, was part of the committee ‘And if they were innocent?’: “It is a truth that cannot be revealed because otherwise you will be criminalized as a misdirection… But there are innocent convicts let’s think of Sacco and Vanzetti”

“They are crucifying Marcello De Angelis because he has expressed his conviction which is common to that of many also in the Italian establishment and that is that Francesca Mambro and Giusva Fioravanti had nothing to do with that massacre. It is a truth that cannot be revealed because anyone who dares to do so is immediately criminalized and branded as a misdirection”. Sergio D’Elia, a former Prima Linea militant and now secretary of the Hands Off Cain association, told Adnkronos statements by Marcello De Angelis, head of institutional communication of the Lazio Region, on the Bologna massacre.

Sergio D’Elia was a member of the committee ‘And if they were innocent?’, made up of lawyers, intellectuals, journalists and associations, set up about thirty years ago to search for the truth about the Bologna massacre. “It was a committee made up of mainly left-wing personalities. Personally I think that question mark should be removed, because for me there are no doubts about the innocence of Mambro and Fioravanti. I’m ready to change my mind about what I’ve always thought of one condition, that all the secret acts on the massacres be made public. But I don’t think that will ever happen because the stereotype of the fascist massacre carved on the tombstone in memory of the victims of the Bologna massacre would be denied”. And he adds: “In this affair, reason of state prevails over love for the truth because state secrets continue to be maintained and because state bodies instead of looking for the real perpetrators have preferred to offer scapegoats. I don’t adhere to any thesis about those responsible, I simply say that they are innocent: it is my free and deepest conviction”.

There are final judgments on the events of August 2, 1980. “But how many sentences are there in the history of human civilization with people definitively convicted and then revealed to be innocent? Let’s think of Sacco and Vanzetti executed in the electric chair in the United States and then rehabilitated after half a century. Let’s think of the hundreds of people exempted from death row in the USA, in some cases just before the execution. Not to mention the dozens of those executed who were later discovered innocent perhaps through posthumous DNA testing. And speaking of DNA why not do it on the remains of what is probably the 86th victim of the Bologna massacre?”.