Serie A 2023-2024 calendar, today the draw

The championship starts on August 19-20 and ends on May 26, 2024

Today at 12.30 the Serie A championship calendar 2023-2024. The championship starts with the first day on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August, a single midweek round scheduled for 27 September and four stops for the national teams on 10 September, 15 October, 19 November and 24 March. The championship will end on May 26, 2024. No big matches or derbies in the first two days and in a series of pre-established rounds.

The Serie A League has announced the criteria for defining the 38 matchdays:

– there cannot be more than two pairs of consecutive matches at home and/or away per group;

– in the event that there are two pairs of consecutive matches at home and/or away, one pair of matches must necessarily be at home and the other away;

– absolute alternation of home and away matches is foreseen for the following pairs of Clubs: Empoli-Fiorentina; Inter Milan; Juventus-Turin; Lazio-Rome; Naples-Sampdoria.

– in all cases where this has been possible, situations of unavailability of the field and/or concomitance with other city events of special importance have been taken into account.

– Furthermore, matches between Atalanta, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Naples and Rome are not possible on the 1st, 2nd and 38th matchdays, in the weekday shift (6th matchday) and on the matchday preceding it (5th matchday). as well as the derbies of Milan, Rome and Turin and those of Campania and Tuscany; similarly, matches between the same teams, as well as derbies, are not possible on the 19th day since they could involve teams participating in the Italian Super Cup, whose matches will necessarily have to be postponed to the midweek round;

– All derbies must take place on different days;

– the companies participating in the Champions League do not meet each other nor do they meet the companies participating in the Europa League and the companies participating in the UEFA Europa Conference League on the days between two rounds of UEFA competitions (25th, 28th, 32nd and 35th days).