Serie A championship, advances and postponements of the first 4 days

Frosinone-Napoli is one of the advances that open the championship on August 19th

Lega Serie A has announced the advances and postponements of the first 4 days of the 2023-2024 Serie A championship which opens on 19 August. These are all the times of the first 4 rounds of the championship. First day: Frosinone-Naples: Saturday 19 August, 6.30pm; Empoli-Hellas Verona: Saturday 19 August, 6.30pm; Inter-Monza: Saturday 19 August, 8.45pm; Genoa-Fiorentina: Saturday 19 August, 8.45pm; Rome-Salernitana: Sunday 20 August, 6.30pm; Sassuolo-Atalanta: Sunday 20 August, 6.30pm; Lecce-Lazio: Sunday 20 August, 8.45pm; Udinese-Juventus: Sunday 20 August, 8.45pm; Turin-Cagliari: Monday 21 August, 6.30pm; Bologna-Milan: Monday 21 August, 8.45pm

Second day: Frosinone-Atalanta: Saturday 26 August, 6.30pm; Monza-Empoli: Saturday 26 August, 6.30pm; Milan-Turin: Saturday 26 August, 8.45pm; Hellas Verona-Rome: Saturday 26 August, 8.45pm; Fiorentina-Lecce: Sunday 27 August, 6.30pm; Juventus-Bologna: Sunday 27 August, 6.30pm; Lazio-Genoa: Sunday 27 August, 8.45pm; Naples-Sassuolo: Sunday 27 August, 8.45pm; Salernitana-Udinese: Monday 28 August, 6.30pm; Cagliari-Inter: Monday 28 August, 8.45pm.

Third day: Sassuolo-Hellas Verona: Friday 1 September, 6.30pm; Rome-Milan: Friday 1 September, 8.45pm; Bologna-Cagliari: Saturday 2 September, 6.30pm; Udinese-Frosinone: Saturday 2 September, 6.30pm; Atalanta-Monza: Saturday 2 September, 8.45pm; Naples-Lazio: Saturday 2 September, 8.45pm; Inter-Fiorentina: Sunday 3 September, 6.30pm; Turin-Genoa: Sunday 3 September, 6.30pm; Empoli-Juventus: Sunday 3 September, 8.45pm; Lecce-Salernitana: Sunday 3 September, 8.45pm

Fourth day: Juventus-Lazio: Saturday 16 September, 3pm; Inter-Milan: Saturday 16 September, 6pm; Genoa-Naples: Saturday 16 September, 8.45pm; Cagliari-Udinese: Sunday 17 September, 12.30; Frosinone-Sassuolo: Sunday 17 September, 3pm; Monza-Lecce: Sunday 17 September, 3 pm; Fiorentina-Atalanta: Sunday 17 September, 6pm; Rome-Empoli: Sunday 17 September, 8.45pm; Salernitana-Turin: Monday 18 September, 6.30pm; Hellas Verona-Bologna: Monday 18 September, 8.45pm.