Serie A, Dionisi, Baroni and Zanetti speak

The conferences of the technicians of Sassuolo, Lecce and Empoli, engaged tomorrow in the league

Sassuolo, Dionisi in the press conference

“Berardi trained all week with the team, barring surprises, he’s available. He was also available due to a low playing time against Napoli, we chose not to risk it. The more Pinamonti works, the more his condition improves; he’ll be in the match, but I have to evaluate whether from the beginning or in progress. If Ruan has found continuity it is thanks to him”.

Lecce, Baroni recovers Umtiti

“Umtiti is back in the group, he’s available. Persson returned to training today, he’s doing well and I’m counting on him too. I never pay attention to absences, in Bergamo we put in a positive performance despite some defections”.

Empoli against Naples, Zanetti’s statements

“Bandinelli and Akpa Akpro were disqualified, we lost three important pieces; I also include Cambiaghi because he was in great condition. Tomorrow, other players will have the opportunity to stand out against a high-calibre team like Napoli. Piccoli is growing, Caputo is not at the top and we evaluate him”. for Adnkronos