Serie A remains at 20 teams, the League’s decision

The assembly confirms the format

Serie A must remain with 20 teams. This is the position expressed by the Lega Serie A in today’s meeting: the clubs have approved their own policy document containing the proposals for reform of Italian football. During the same meeting, “the absolute need to maintain the right of agreement in the federal statute, as in the main European football systems, was reiterated. Furthermore, the current 20-team format of the Serie A championship was confirmed “, announces the Serie A football league.

Serie B

“In anticipation of the Lega B Assembly on Thursday 15 February, the LNPB Board of Directors met urgently to discuss issues relating to the balance between international and national competitions, to be evaluated also in light of the principles of solidarity and of fair competition expressed by the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice, of the system reforms and of the proposals approved unanimously by the Lnpb, sent to all federal components”. The Serie B League writes it.

“Finally, relations with the other leagues were discussed, with a view to being able to share some principles inspired by solutions that League B has as its objective for the future, valorisation and growth of Italian football”.

Amateur League

“There is a desire on the part of the Federation to involve the leagues in a process of change, which is why an assembly has been called. At the same time, a reflection is being made to delve into the problems of future strategies. There are difficulties at the level of held for some companies. The Federation will evaluate whether to hold this meeting on March 11. If the logic of examining problems such as sustainability were to prevail, there could be longer times. There is no point in having unmotivated conflict situations.” Thus the president of the National Amateur League, Giancarlo Abete, at the microphone of ‘La Politica nel Pallone’ on Gr Parliament. “The number of teams is a false problem for Italian football. It is important, but the real problem is the sustainability of the system. There is a need for different management compared to what has existed up to now. I don’t think that the championship reform is the mother of all battles”, adds Abete.