Series of diplomatic meetings in Malta between China and the USA, White House: “Sincere and constructive”

American National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Malta over the weekend in a series of meetings focusing on the Taiwan issue, US-China bilateral relations and the war in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Wang Yi: “Taiwan is the first insurmountable red line in Sino-US relations”

China’s development “has a strong endogenous drive and follows an inevitable historical logic: it cannot be stopped and the legitimate right of the Chinese people to development cannot be deprived”, Wang said in a summary of Beijing’s diplomacy released in the evening in which was reported that “the two sides have conducted frank, substantive and constructive strategic communication focusing on stabilizing and improving Sino-US relations.” The two sides also agreed “to continue to implement the important consensus” reached by the two heads of state Xi Jinping and Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 in Bali in November 2022, “to maintain high-level exchanges between the two sides and to hold Sino-US consultations on Asia-Pacific affairs, maritime affairs and foreign policy consultations.” Wang and Sullivan discussed “measures to further support and facilitate personnel exchanges between the two countries” as well as “the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, Ukraine, the Korean Peninsula and other international and regional issues.” , Chinese diplomacy reported. According to Wang Yi, the Taiwan issue “is the first insurmountable red line in Sino-American relations: the US must stick to the three joint communiqués and implement the commitment not to support Taiwan’s independence”.

White House: “Sincere, substantial and constructive exchange”

The White House also confirmed the diplomatic meetings, underlining that the talks “are part of Washington’s attempt to keep lines of communication open with China and manage the relationship responsibly”. The note said that Sullivan and Wang had a “candid, substantive and constructive” exchange, in the wake of commitments made by Biden and Xi in Bali, Indonesia in November 2022. The statement also stated that the United States underlined the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Additionally, Sullivan and Wang pledged to keep “this strategic communications channel open” and to have “further high-level consultations in the coming months.” A reference, the latter, to the probable meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in San Francisco next November.