Servier Group, new first aid kit for Retake Roma groups

From 24 November the neighborhood groups of Retake Roma will be even more protected thanks to the new first aid kit donated by the Servier Group in Italy, an independent French pharmaceutical company, governed by a non-profit foundation, based in Rome in the 13th Municipality.

Wednesday at 10.30 the president Gilles Renacco of the Servier Group in Italy will deliver 80 first aid kits to the new headquarters of Retake Roma di San Lorenzo, in Via dei Volsci 82 d. It will be received by Francesca Elisa Leonelli, president of Retake Roma. Weather permitting, the delegation will move to Piazza dei Siculi, where the solidarity event is scheduled that the Retake Association organizes every Wednesday with the participation of volunteers and homeless people who take care of the Roman square. Here the symbolic delivery of first aid kits will be held and at noon the volunteers will offer a hot meal to the homeless involved in the event.

This donation by the Servier Group in Italy to Retake Roma is the result of a five-year collaboration, which began in 2016 with a series of events aimed at restore dignity to the areas adjacent to the company headquarters. “We are proud, as well as honored, to be able to support the activities of Retake Roma, which through volunteering works so hard for the decorum and redevelopment of the city that hosts us. One of our values ​​is ‘taking care’ of patients, of our collaborators and the environment and this initiative concretely confirms our corporate mission “, remarks Gilles Renacco, president of Servier in Italy. “All participants in our events are covered by insurance according to the regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection of Rome Capital of 03/08/2017, but having a first aid kit available allows us to operate more effectively and with greater serenity “, observes Francesca Elisa Leonelli, president of Retake Roma.