Severe disturbance from Friday, rain and snow also over the weekend: forecasts

The bad weather will mainly affect the Centre-North with the arrival of Atlantic perturbations

Early December will see with frequent rainfall: bad weather will mainly affect the Centre-North with Atlantic perturbations and a weather forecaster. In fact, over the next few days, after the current mostly dry truce, the phenomena will move from the South to the North and part of the Centre. For at least ten days, rains from Milan to Rome, widespread snowfalls in the Alps, minimum and maximum gradually increasing, are not excluded. Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the website, therefore confirms the rich menu starting tomorrow Friday 2 December: the first rains will reach Sardinia and Triveneto then, from the afternoon, also the central Tyrrhenian band.

From Saturday the rains will be more intense between Tuscany, Lazio and Campania, but also in the north, especially in the second part of the day, the rains will be widespread: they will also return to the dry North-West. Then beware of some isolated but insidious showers on Ionian Calabria, which has also been hit hard in the last few days.

The first Sunday December will see the same script: rains especially on the Triveneto and on the Tyrrhenian coast, the novelty will concern the South where slightly more widespread downpours could pass from Sicily towards Calabria and Puglia. In practice, all of Italy could be affected by some rains, in a rather capricious context also characterized by clear spells and dry breaks.

An eventful forecast, with some certainty: widespread snowfall will return to the Alps, temperatures will rise gradually from Saturday, it will rain more persistently on the Tyrrhenian side. Also noteworthy is a sometimes sustained ventilation in the South during the weekend.

We close with a focus snow, given that in many mountain areas the season of one of the most loved sports by Italians begins: skiing. In the next few hours, some flakes are still expected in the Eastern Alps, isolated and especially in the morning; the real perturbation will enter on Saturday afternoon bringing snowfalls at times moderate in the central Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, up to 700 meters above sea level; in the evening the snowfall will be spread over the entire Alpine arc from west to east with an average accumulation of about 10-20 cm above 1200 meters of altitude. The following day, Sunday 4 December, another 10-20 cm is expected across the Alps above 1300 meters of altitude, with slightly higher accumulations in the South Tyrolean and Friulian sectors. The most important accumulation will therefore be at high altitude but choreographic snowfalls up to 600 meters in the Alpine valleys cannot be excluded.


Thursday 1. In the north: partly cloudy skies. Middle: irregular clouds. In the south: last rains in the morning.

Friday 2. In the north: overcast skies, sprinkles of snow on the Dolomites. In the middle: it gets worse in the afternoon on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the south: often overcast skies.

Saturday 3. In the north: gradually more widespread rains, snow at 1000 meters. In the centre: increasingly widespread and heavy rains on the Tyrrhenian Sea, snow at high altitudes. In the south: bad weather in the Ionian areas.

Trend: Sunday still rains in many regions, then temporary comeback of high pressure.