Severe thunderstorms in the North, heat on the rise in the South: Italy still divided in two

The weather forecast until Sunday

End of August with thunderstorms in the North, hot in Sicily with 35/37 ° C. Two sides of the same coin with the southern currents that push hot and humid air towards the south and the perturbed southwestern flow that invests the north and part of the center. With this setup often Italy appears divided in two; it will be the same this time with African heat in the South and bad weather for several days in the North.

The phenomena associated with the south-western disturbed flow will still be intense at times in particular in the north-east and close to the Apennine ridge with local gusts of wind and hail. Also along the Adriatic coasts, in the next few hours, a lively instability could persist.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site, confirms one thunderstorm situation disturbed at least until Sunday in the North and part of the Center; the south will instead be in a warm context for the period, very hot in Sicily, and will see some isolated downpours only between Campania and Puglia.

A beginning of September that could then see the arrival of an even more intense Atlantic perturbation, with widespread rains on Saturday throughout the North and part of the Center: but then the summer is over? It seems not, looking at the long-range maps next week could re-propose a ‘miniature version’ of the Anticyclone

African in Summer 2022 with sun and heat over half of Italy: temperatures will rise significantly up to Tuscany, beyond the Apennines they will probably remain at normal values. The sun will also stop in Tuscany, kissing the whole of the Center-South; in the North the weather, also next week, could be capricious but definitely less rainy than these days.


Wednesday 31. In the north: thunderstorms over the northeast, Liguria di Levante and the Alps. In the center: showers from Tuscany towards the Adriatic, sunny elsewhere. In the south: sunny and warmer except for showers in the Apennines.

Thursday 1. In the north: unstable in the Alps, Prealps and Northeast. Center: bad weather on the Adriatic, Umbria and Lazio. In the south: thunderstorms over Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia.

Friday 2. In the north: from the afternoon it gets worse in Piedmont. In the center: irregular clouds. South: unstable only in the Apennines.

Trend. South-western humid air will bring frequent showers in the Center-North at least until Sunday, African heat towards Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria.