Sevilla-Juve, Allegri: “Everyone is ready to go to the Europa League final”

“We have to end the year well, reaching the final and defending second place in the championship”

“For us, this is a good game to play, we know it will be a difficult game, you’ll need lucidity. When you’re close to the finish line you want to get there immediately, instead you need calm and lucidity and the lads were good at this. All together we worked to get here, tomorrow we have the opportunity to get to Budapest and reach another final.” Massimiliano Allegri charges Juventus on the eve of the return leg of the Europa League semi-final. After a 1-1 home draw in the first leg, the bianconeri visit Sevilla. “I have a doubt in defense, one in midfield and one in attack. I’ll decide tomorrow morning. The game is long, let’s hope we can guess the formation and also the needs of the team during the game in progress”, said the coach referring to the formation.

“The team is physically in good shape, as demonstrated by the last few games. Tomorrow’s match can last up to 120 minutes, so both who takes the field from the start and who comes off the bench will be crucial,” he said. It’s not yet time for the final balance: “You can’t build everything in an instant. We have to end the year well, reaching the Europa League final and defending second place in the league. Then at the end of the year we’ll evaluate, to improve things negative and considering the positive ones. We need to analyze what has been done this year. There have been negative things, such as the injuries, which however have been opportunities for good young people who have brought energy. Now Juventus has grown-up young people and a legacy.”

Juve’s season is conditioned by the sporting proceedings for the capital gains case and for the salary maneuver. “It was a lively year, in which we had to consider other things as well as the goals we had. We took everything as an opportunity and now we’re at the end and then we’ll see. We on the field have to do what we’re called to do : the maximum”.