Sevilla-Roma, Damiano dei Maneskin against the referee Taylor

The message in Instagram stories is clear: “Money always wins”

AND’ so much the bitterness of the Roma fans for the defeat in the Europa League final on penalties against Sevilla, in particular for the match direction of the English referee Anthony Taylor. An arbitration harshly contested by the Giallorossi coach Josè Mourinho, who didn’t even like it Damiano David of Maneskin, among the Giallorossi fans present at the Puskas Arena in Budapest to support the team. AND’ clear the message in the stories on Instagram of the singer who attacked the English ‘whistle’ after the match: “The money always pays off” (money always wins, ed) is the sentence written in support of a photo of the same referee Taylor, while in a subsequent photo you can see the clear hand ball by the Sevilla player Fernando in the area with the ironic writing ‘que lindo’ (how nice ed.)