Sevilla-Roma, Mourinho: “The referee seemed Spanish”

The Roma coach on the future: “I want to stay but I deserve more”

“It’s an unfair result, there are so many episodes. The referee seemed Spanish…”. José Mourinho tries to metabolize the defeat that his Roma suffered in the Europa League final against Sevilla on penalties. “I always say that you can lose a final but not dignity: I’ve only lost one European final, this one, but I’ve never been so proud of my team. The players have given everything. We go home dead from exhaustion and dead because we think it’s unfair. It was an understood final, with a referee who seemed Spanish. Lamela had to be sent off, he doesn’t get a yellow card for the second time and he’s one of the penalty takers…”, he told Sky.

The Portuguese’s future is yet to be defined: “I have a contract for another season… I’m going on vacation on Monday. If we have time to talk first… Otherwise I’m going on vacation and we’ll see,” he said, sending a message to the club. “I have to fight for these guys, it means not saying for sure that I’m staying… I told the owners that the club would be the first to know if there were any contacts with another club. In December, I spoke to the club about the situation with the national team Portuguese, then there was nothing else with anyone,” he says. In the press conference afterwards, the Portuguese was even more explicit: “I want to stay, but my players deserve more and I deserve more too. I’m tired of being the coach, the communication man, the face of the club when it must be said that they have ‘robbed’ us. I want to stay but I want to remain in a position to give more”.