Sex, diameter a worry for one man in 4. Penisfiller is booming in Italy

The surgeon creator Alessandro Littara: “With an injection of hyaluronic acid measures more generous by 20-30%”. And pleasure times also improve. “It is a soft alternative to surgery and now a scientific study proves it”

Males queuing for the Penisfiller, an injection of hyaluronic acid right there where the name says it. The new trend of ‘sex design’ is dedicated to him, the aesthetic touch-up for those who are not satisfied under the sheets and ask for more. In this case more centimeters on the diameter, for oneself and for the well-being of the couple. “There are at least 25% of men dissatisfied with their “intimate” dimensions, especially the width which, as we know, matters more than the length”. To get rid of the discomfort, here is the filler, a soft alternative to surgery, which is done in the clinic in a few minutes under local anesthesia, guaranteed to last “at least one year”. Talking about it to Adnkronos Salute is Alessandro Littara, andrologist surgeon, inventor of a double-effect procedure: enlarging (“the circumference generally increases by 20-30%”) and retarding, a plus that doesn’t hurt considering that “almost the 30% of the sexually active male population suffers from premature ejaculation, mild to medium or severe.”

The question was great, the answer was “surprising”: “In the last 2-3 years there has been a real boom in requests – reports the expert – so many as to exceed the demand, albeit high, for surgery”. How did the idea come about? “Someone in the United States was starting to propose hyaluronic acid fillers to increase the volume of the penis,” says Littara, founder of the Sexual Medicine Center in Milan, now also exported to Florence and Rome. With “over 5 thousand surgical operations to increase male intimate size” under his belt, the specialist has decided to ‘import’ the method to Italy. Pioneer, “I started with these procedures 6 years ago: the first year I did about thirty of them – he says – but then, by promoting them in a more widespread way, the initial interest and curiosity grew” translating into a surge in requests . “Now I do more than 200 every year” and “at a national level, even if we are talking about estimates, a reliable figure is around a thousand procedures a year”, calculates the surgeon.

Other colleagues perform the method, however the ‘Littara version’ has been “optimized and perfected both in the material used and in the implantation technique”, up to the ‘2 in 1’ procedure which, in addition to acting on the diameter, prolongs the Pleasure. The man who resorts to filler “in most cases wants to overcome a discomfort, which may be of a different entity, but which still makes him insecure in front of the gaze of his partner (especially if occasional) or of his peers (locker room syndrome) “. Based on the expert’s experience, however, there is no shortage of “a considerable number of males who decide to treat themselves to this procedure out of the pure narcissistic desire to appear more gifted”. And if “60% of the demand concerns men aged 30-50, a good 10% is represented by over 60s”. The doctor cites the case of “a gentleman over 70 years old who told me this: before I die I want to get rid of a worry that I have carried with me all my life”.

Here, in practice, is what the Penisfiller patented by Littara consists of: “You make a millimetric incision at the base of the penis – describes the surgeon – and from there you enter with a cannula connected to the hyaluronic acid syringe and place the product under the skin Since it is reabsorbable, a formulation is used that allows the result to be maintained for more than a year.” And for the sake of proportions, “at the same time another specific type of hyaluronic acid is also injected into the glans. Here the filler works as a sort of ‘cushion’, a barrier between the internal nerve endings and the outside, effectively reducing the possible hypersensitivity of the part. In 80% of cases, if not more”, with this ‘trick’ “people who suffered from premature ejaculation improve”. Moreover, there is published research to demonstrate the potential of hyaluronic acid against this problem, including by Littara.

Everything happens “under local anesthesia, that of the dentist. Within half an hour you enter and leave the doctor’s office, taking home “a completely natural result” and “customizable, based on your physiology and ‘objectives’ of the patient”. Contraindications? “Hyaluronic acid is produced by our body, so there is no risk of rejection or infection”, reassures the specialist. Of course “you have to be very careful about working in sterility”. As for post-implantation, “the patient can immediately resume all his activities except sexual activity for about twenty days, so as to facilitate the complete engraftment of the product”, so that he remains in place and does not move.

What happens a year later? “Our body – explains Littara – produces an enzyme called hyaluronidase and dissolves hyaluronic acid. Some people synthesize more and have faster reabsorption, others produce less. But in general, at least for a year the effect remains, then it begins to reduce slowly, in a gentle and progressive way”. At this point “whoever wishes will proceed with ‘topping up'”, otherwise “the organ will return to its original size, without leaving any signs of any kind”. Cost chapter: “The price – the expert points out – is largely determined by the cost of the product” and is around “2,500 euros for the first implant, based on the quantity of hyaluronic acid used. Obviously the touch-ups will cost less , because they will require less product.”

“The success of this minimally invasive and rapid method – reasons Littara – also derives from the fact that its most practiced surgical alternative in the world, lipopenosculpture, requires the removal of a certain quantity of the patient’s fat, which could be difficult to find in the bodies of men who, according to the aesthetic standards of the moment, are very careful to have a lean and defined physique. Italy – the specialist remarks – has always been among the countries with the highest number of people who undergo procedures for the increase in the size of the penis. The only surgical school in the world where aesthetic phalloplasty techniques are taught is located in Italy, right at the Sexual Medicine Center in Milan founded and directed by Littara. And it is Italian, signed by him, “the study published with the largest series of cases in the world of men undergoing penis lengthening and enlargement surgery”.

“However, there is a need to provide an alternative to those who do not want or cannot resort to surgery, an important operation also from a psychological point of view”, observes the expert. “Everything that is passed off as miraculous, from creams or ointments to pills and extenders, doesn’t work – he warns – and so in the end, if you have a discomfort that prevents you from experiencing sexuality in a serene and carefree way, either do the intervention or discomfort, you keep it. This method offers an easy, fast, painless second way.”

But science is based on evidence and to produce it Littara conducted “a study that lasted 2 years, on over 400 patients. I will present it in Paris at the beginning of February – he announces – at the International Congress of Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Imcas 2024, for the sector the most important in Europe, with thousands of exhibitors”. This is “a necessary step: this is a rather delicate field, which has a lot of following” and for this reason it is also populated by “doctors and non-doctors who try to sell the strangest, perhaps dangerous, things. I prefer to provide the evidence of what I propose” and put them in black and white: “The work will be published, already submitted to the journal ‘Scientific Reports’, Nature group”. (by Paola Olgiati)