Sfera Ebbasta has surprisingly announced a free event in Milan

Sfera Ebbasta has surprisingly announced a free event in Milan entitled $€ Special Nightcausing a boom of enthusiasm among his loyal fans.

The appointment announced on the rapper’s social profiles is for Monday evening, November 13, at the Allianz Cloud in Milan. The surprise free concert was immediately sold out, so the artist from Cinisello commented online: “Whoever doesn’t have a ticket can go over!”.
An announcement deliberately given with just four days’ notice, to create hype, confusion and lots of irons in the fire. Since Sfera Ebbasta made its announcement, the rush of fans to grab tickets has begun.
The “fast” concert, without too much notice, seems to have become a formula that works. The trend especially involves the big names of the seven notes, such as Green Day who surprised everyone a few days ago with a surprise concert, again in Milan.
But, unlike the Californian punk band led by Billie Joe Armstrong, Sfera Ebbasta’s live performance is free. However, you need a ticket, which is why its large crowd of fans have been hunting for the ticket, as if it were the hunt for the Golden Ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory…

Entries sold out in no time and the event is now sold out. Just a couple of hours after the publication of the post relating to the event, the tickets had literally evaporated, which is why the rapper commented, ironically, that “those who don’t have tickets can climb over!”.

At the bottom of this article you can look at the Instagram post with which Sfera Ebbasta announced its $ event€ Special Night.

The location is the Allianz Cloud in Milan

On Monday 13 November all the fans of the rapper from Cinisello will meet at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, usually the realm of basketball and volleyball.

For this highly anticipated one $€ Special Night Many succulent surprises are expected. According to what was announced by Vivo Concerti and Thaurus, we should expect a lot of news, among which the special performance by Sfera, the DJ sets by Shablo and Finesse and also the drop of the trapper’s new merchandising stand out.

Below you will find the Instagram post with which Sfera Ebbasta announced its event $€ Special Night.