Sgarbi: “I resign as undersecretary”

The art critic: “I will write a letter to Meloni”

Vittorio Sgarbi resigns as undersecretary of culture. This is what the art critic himself announced today from the stage of the event ‘The restart – free to think’, organized by Nicola Porro. “I inform the journalists, who could have expected it, that I resign as undersecretary with immediate effect. He will write a letter to Meloni this evening.” “I’m just Vittorio Sgarbi, I’m no longer undersecretary. I don’t want to be an undersecretary,” she said.

“I resign and I do it for you”, adds Sgarbi, speaking to the audience who were following his lecture on Michelangelo. “The Antitrust – he explained – sent a very complex and confusing letter, saying that, having accepted two anonymous letters sent to the Antitrust by the Minister of Culture, I cannot give a conference to Porro”.

Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano “I haven’t heard from him, we haven’t spoken to each other since October 23rd, when he gave me the delegation to go and take care of the Garisenda tower”. “I couldn’t hear a person receiving an anonymous letter and sending it to the Antitrust. Anonymous letters are thrown away, men who have dignity do not accept anonymous letters“. In its indication “the Antitrust says ‘from the anonymous letters we received’, the minister sent them. Everything they declared comes from anonymous letters”, underlined Sgarbi. “Sangiuliano understood the anonymous letter, he thought it was worthy and he was right, I congratulate him. He remains a minister and I remain only Sgarbi” adds the art critic.

“I also pose the problem for Nordio, who is speaking this evening. If I am incompatible, anyone who gives a conference as a minister or undersecretary is incompatible” says Sgarbi, where Justice Minister Carlo Nordio is expected this evening. The resignation – he explained – is due to an indication from the Antitrust on the compatibility between his activity as a lecturer with government roles, which arrived a few hours ago. “The Antitrust considered the indications of anonymous letters as credible indications and declared the incompatibility. I heard about it around 2.30pm. I took the plane and when I got off, having time to ponder which choice to make, I thought of giving this free conference. This is the first conference of the new season in which there is no incompatibility, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do it”, said Sgarbi.

They are “the object of media persecution, it is evident, on non-existent issues or on this supposed incompatibility”. The other day in a “newspaper with 65 articles, in a single edition there were 5-6 articles about me and a cartoon in which I was called ‘ dickhead’, just to say the delicacy”, but – he assured – “I’m not afraid of satire. Then I had television programmes, 5 or 6 against, on unlikely constructions, on purchased paintings, how one buys paintings, it’s not that one is guilty because he buys paintings”.

Apologies to journalists: “I withdraw the death wish”

“I’m known for my swearing, for ‘goats’, but I have no desire for cruelty or death for anyone” he adds, referring to the clash with the journalists of Report and Il Fatto Quotidiano. “I apologize to the journalists who feel in danger of death”, said the art critic, reiterating that however it was an “unauthorised, unwanted interview”. “At a certain point, not being an interview, I made expletives, which some journalists also found offensive. I withdraw my death wish, I apologize for having thought it and I’m no longer even an undersecretary. From now on I will wish death without being responsible for being an undersecretary“.

Before speaking from the stage, pressed by reporters on the issue of insults to journalists, Sgarbi had spoken of “stolen images. And one in his private life can say what he wants. I don’t have to apologize to anyone, I expressed my imprecations like anyone does. I wouldn’t do the interview again because I didn’t do it. And in any case the journalist will not die for this.”

Sources: “Antitrust proceedings closed, provision on Monday”

In reference to what was declared by Vittorio Sgarbi in announcing his resignation as undersecretary, as Adnkronos understands, the Antitrust would have closed the proceedings which had been started at the end of October on the critic’s activities that could “contrast” with the provisions of the Frattini law on conflicts of interest. The provision relating to possible illicit conduct for activities incompatible with holding a government office should be made known on Monday. The resolution opening the proceedings also set a closing date of 15 February.

Sgarbi: “I will appeal to the TAR against Antitrust”

I will certainly appeal to the TAR so that it may be said that I didn’t have another profession, I only had one: being Sgarbi, being an art historian” announced Vittorio Sgarbi following an indication of incompatibility between his activity as a lecturer and the role of government, arrived from the Antitrust. “I became undersecretary of Culture not to remain silent, not to talk about art, not to present books, not to present exhibitions. I believe I did what I had to do”, claimed Sgarbi. To those who asked him if he was sorry for resigning, he replied: “It’s not that I lack resources, I have many friends”.

M5S: “Finally Sgarbi away from the government”

“We made it. Sgarbi’s resignation with immediate effect makes the whole country breathe a sigh of relief” say the exponents of the 5 Star Movement in the culture commission of the Chamber and the Senate. “It is the concrete result of all the efforts that the 5 Star Movement has put in place in recent months with respect to one of the most striking moral issues among those that grip the government. Our tenacity was rewarded despite the attempt to cover up the case and silence it, but given our determination it was not enough. Evidently Giorgia Meloni and her government could not withstand the motion presented by the 5 Star Movement and the international media pressure that her case aroused. It is a result that we bring home in defense of the prestige of the institutions and for the image of Italy abroad“.

Pd: “Why reticence from Meloni and Sangiuliano regarding Sgarbi?”

“Meloni and Sangiuliano explain to Parliament why the government has turned a deaf ear to the Sgarbi case”. This is how the democratic members of the Chamber’s Culture Commission comment on Vittorio Sgarbi’s announced resignation “with immediate effect” as undersecretary.” The government has done everything to avoid taking a position by requesting, on several occasions, the postponement of the parliamentary examination of the motion of no confidence in order not to express its opinion on the case. For what reasons? Meloni, who says he cannot be blackmailed, tell how never have she and the minister of culture acted with such reticence.”

Renzi: “Sgarbi had decency that Lollobrigida and Delmastro lack”

“It was a necessary action, we know, but Vittorio Sgarbi at least had the decency to resign” writes the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi on it was the right thing to do and sooner or later they will understand it too. Better sooner, possibly.”