Sgarbi: “I resign with immediate effect as undersecretary of the government”

The announcement came on the sidelines of an event in Milan. “I will communicate this to Meloni in the next few hours”, specified the undersecretary for Culture who also said he had received a letter from the Antitrust

“I am resigning with immediate effect as undersecretary of the government and I will communicate this to Meloni in the next few hours.” This was announced by Vittorio Sgarbi on the sidelines of the “La Ripartenza” event, organized by Nicola Porro in Milan. “I do it for you”, added the undersecretary for Culture, “now I’m just Sgarbi”. “The Antitrust”, he later clarified, “sent a very complex and confusing letter saying that he had accepted two anonymous letters, which the Minister of Energy sent to the Antitrust Authority

Culture, in which it was written that I cannot give a conference at Porro”.

Towards conclusion of investigation on incompatibility

Meanwhile, it emerges that February 15 is the expected deadline by which the Antitrust Authority will have to rule on the incompatibility for Vittorio Sgarbi between his extra-government activities and the role he holds at the Mic. According to what we understand, the proceeding may have already been closed and the conclusions could be communicated in the early days of next week, perhaps on Monday itself”

“I don’t have to apologize to anyone”

Then asked about his reaction to the journalists’ investigations Reports and it’s Daily fact, Sgarbi replied: “I don’t have to apologize to anyone, I expressed my imprecations like anyone does.” And to those who asked him what the image of him arriving abroad was, following his reactions, the undersecretary replied: “We have to ask it abroad”.

Pd: Meloni and Sangiuliano explain their reticence

The first reactions are also arriving from the world of politics. “Meloni and Sangiuliano must explain to Parliament why the government has turned a deaf ear to the Sgarbi case”, declare the Pd members of the Chamber’s culture commission, commenting on Sgarbi’s announcement. “The government has done everything to avoid taking a position by asking, on several occasions, for the postponement of the parliamentary examination of the motion of no confidence in order not to express its opinion on the case. For what reasons? Meloni, who says he cannot be blackmailed, say why she and the minister of culture acted with such reticence.”