Shade and Federica Carta, coming Forever never

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Third duet for shades And Federica Paper. The pair announced the song Forever Neverout in a few days.

shade and federica paper, forever never arriving May 26th

It is 2017 when Shade and Federica Carta duet for the first time on the notes of Unreachable. The song turns out to be a huge success, winning three platinum records and collecting over one hundred and forty million views on YouTube thanks to the official video clip.

Two years later the couple collaborates again by going on stage at the Ariston Theater, on the occasion of the 69th edition of San Remo Festivalwith the song Without doing it on purpose which still receives excellent acclaim.

Now, four years later, Shade and Federica Carta are back. Indeed, the couple has just announced the distribution of the single Forever Never arriving on the market in a few days, more precisely on Friday 26 May.

The two artists also released the official cover of the song, to great enthusiasm from the public.