Shaila Gatta’s mom is as beautiful as she is: here they are together

Have you ever seen Shaila Gatta’s mom? The dancer shows a very sweet shot with her.

We followed Shaila Gatta for several years on the counter of Striscia la Notizia. In June 2021, together with Mikaela Neaze Silva, she communicated to the public the choice to leave the program. In recent times we have seen their return because the new showgirls, Giulia Pelagatti and Talisa Ravagnani, had had contact with a positive person to the covid and therefore for a few days Shaila and Mikaela arrived to replace them.

Have you ever seen Shaila Gatta’s mom? Here they are together (Credits: instagram)

The former brunette tissue is very popular on social media and publishes many shots, in some it is possible to see her without makeup or in a change from before to after, showing the ‘transformation’; she often shares training tutorials with followers. In fact, Shaila keeps fit by practicing a lot of sports and the results are evident because she has a sculpted physique.

Sifting through the various images we recovered one in which she is photographed with her mother and at the bottom of the post he makes a sweet dedication to her.

Shaila Gatta with her mother: beauty belongs to the family

Before seeing her on the counter of Striscia the news Shaila was a student of Amici. In the school she begins to be appreciated by showing that she has talent and a great desire to learn and improve herself more and more. After the conclusion of the fourteenth edition of her, her career literally took off.

He was part of many televised dance troupes up to the news strip. She left the satirical news in June 2021. The school of Amici and Striscia have made her popularity grow and she has a huge number of followers on social networks as well. The dancer is very attached to her family and when she spends time with her parents she always shares many stories, she jokes a lot with her father and there is no shortage of photos with his sweet mother.

shaila cat mom
Credits: instagram

Here is mother and daughter together: two very beautiful women! It is clear that Shaila took this beauty from her mother. This is an old shot published on a special day: “Happy Birthday Mom. You are our rock, our point of reference. You are the example of strength, humility and nobility of mind“. Very beautiful words that show how great the love the dancer feels for her beautiful family.