Shakira accused of tax fraud in Spain. He faces 8 years in prison

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As relaunched by the magazine Entertainment WeeklyShakira was accused of tax fraud by the Spanish government for non-payment of taxes from 2012 to 2014. A spokesperson for the Colombian singer responded on the matter.

shakira, the prosecution of the Spanish tax authorities

Shakira refused to reach an agreement by opting to hold the trial. According to the accusation, the artist did not pay $ 15 million in taxes in 2012, 2013 And 2014but according to the defense, in those three years, the singer would have had the tax residence at Bahamaswhere he would then pay the taxes.

On the other hand, the Spanish tax authorities claim that the singer lived in at that time Barcelona where he would also buy a house in 2012.

A spokesperson for Shakira said the singer is fully confident of her innocence, arguing that the case is a total violation of her rights.

The news was released after the rejection of the rumor Whenever, Wherever to reach an agreement by deciding to continue with the process instead. At the moment, no date has been set for the hearing.

Should the artist be found guilty, in addition to eight years in prison would also be provided a $ 24 million fine.