Shakira and Gerard Piqué fight over who gets the private jet

Shakira Y Gerard Piqué now they have entered another legal battle over a luxury private jet they bought together during their 11-year romance.

The Spanish press wrote that the ex-partner is now in the process of dividing the assets, with some disagreements between them. to my free press The reason for the biggest disagreement is about the private plane that belonged to them as a family.

Neither Shakira nor Piqué are willing to give up the plane, since there is talk of a value of 20 million euros.

According to the same publication, the two have used the private jet several times, mainly for some family trips, and given the type and price of the plane, both would like to keep it. Shakira Y Pique They will go to court to resolve the case.

The Waka Waka singer and the Barcelona player announced their split in June this year, after which the exes hired separate law firms to resolve their child custody issue. Sasha and Milan.

Now, journalist Juan Carlos Ortega from Prensa Libre revealed to Marca that the former lovebirds have another dispute on their hands over a luxurious private jet.

The midsize business jet is worth about $20 million that Shakira Y Pique they shopped together during their relationship.

The private jet in question, a Learjet 60XRhas the capacity to accommodate up to 10 passengers and has double rooms, dining room and living room with TV along with all the comforts to travel with the family.

The report suggests that neither Shakira nor Piqué want to give up the luxurious plane and would have handed the matter over to their respective lawyers.