Shakira and Piqué: A year of separation and a controversy that does not stop

It’s been a year since Shakira and Gerard Pique They ended their relationship, but it seems that the controversy is still alive between them. Throughout these months, the former couple has exchanged hints through social networks and interviews, hinting that their breakup was not entirely peaceful.

Since the news of their separation was released, the Colombian singer has expressed her pain in several of her songs, such as “Me Gusta”, where she refers to the relationship she had with the soccer player. For her part, Piqué has preferred to remain silent, although some of her attitudes and statements have been interpreted as indirect towards her former partner.

In a recent interview, the former Barcelona player spoke about his relationship with his children and hinted that the situation with Shakira was not entirely easy. “I try to make sure my children are as good as possible, but there are always tensions,” he said. In addition, Piqué has also shared some images on his social networks that could be interpreted as indirect towards the singer, such as a publication in which he appears with a shirt that says “No stress”.

For her part, Shakira has maintained a more discreet attitude on social networks, although in some publications she has hinted that her break with Piqué was not easy. In one of her last public appearances, the Colombian singer confessed that she is in a difficult moment in her life, although she was optimistic and grateful for the support of her fans.

Despite the fact that the former couple has tried to keep their separation private, the hints that have been exchanged throughout this year have generated great expectation on social networks and in the media. Will they ever manage to overcome their differences and resume their relationship? For now, only time will tell.