Shakira and Pique: the twist that no one expected

Shakira and Pique, no one would have ever imagined this twist: what happened days after the separation.

After the end of the beloved singer’s wedding, another incredible love story has come to an end. We are talking about the one between Shakira and Pique. A few days after the rumors of their alleged crisis, the confirmation arrived: they said ‘goodbye’.

Shakira and Pique, the twist that no one expected: incredible. Credits: Instagram

Several weeks have passed since the gossip reported about the breakup between Shakira and Piquè, yet the two continue to be the center of everyone’s attention. Although there has never been a confirmation on everything that has been said in recent days about the cause of their breakup, it would seem that the Colombian singer, who formalized the separation from her partner, ended their love story. with a press release. We do not know what exactly happened and what prompted the two to say goodbye after 12 years and the birth of their daughters, the fact is that the love story has dramatically come to an end. Days after this incredible news, another sensational one arrives: the twist that no one expected!

Shakira and Pique, incredible twist: no one would have said it

No one would have ever imagined it, but between Shakira and Pique is definitely over. After days in which it was said that the two were in crisis, the singer wanted to cut the bull’s head and formalize her breakup. Since then, everything has happened. In Spain, in fact, there are continuous rumors about the reason for their breakup, but neither of them has ever uttered a word about it. In the last few hours, however, a real twist has happened.

Despite the disappointment and suffering of this long love story, Shakira has chosen to dedicate herself body and soul to her work. And music, it seems, to keep her company right now. So much so that, exactly two days ago, the singer shared her new single. Entitled ‘Don’t worry’ and sung alongside David Guetta and Black Eyes Peas, the beautiful Shakira is about to make everyone dance.

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Credits: Instagram

Would you ever have expected it?