Shakira announced happy news

The renowned singer Shakira has shared exciting news that highlights her commitment to the education and well-being of the most needy communities. In collaboration with the local government and various national and international organizations, Shakira has inaugurated the Educational Center New Forest-Bare Feet in Barranquillaan initiative that will benefit more than 53,000 inhabitants of the Nuevo Bosque neighborhood.

This project, which began in 2018, has represented an investment of 16,000 million Colombian pesos. The new educational center covers an area of ​​6,000 square meters and includes 22 regular classrooms, 4 preschool classrooms, two laboratories, art classrooms, library, dining room, kitchen and other common spaces for students and the community in general.

The inauguration of this educational center will have a significant impact on the local community, since it is expected that around 1,000 students will benefit each year. Children who reside in the El Bosque neighborhood in Barranquilla will have the opportunity to receive quality primary and secondary education at the new headquarters of the Barefoot School. In addition, development spaces will be opened that will involve caring fathers and mothers.

Shakira at the inauguration of the new educational center “Nuevo Bosque-Pies Descalzos”. Source: Instagram @shakira

Shakirathrough his Instagram account, expressed his happiness at the inauguration of Colegio Nuevo Bosque, stating: “I am happy to have been able to open another school in Barranquilla, Colegio Nuevo Bosque will serve more than a thousand children, thanks as always to our allies who made this possible”. His continued commitment to education and the well-being of communities demonstrates his positive influence and desire to make the world a better place.

Shakira at the inauguration of the new educational center “Nuevo Bosque-Pies Descalzos”. Source: Instagram @shakira

The new Nuevo Bosque-Pies Descalzos Educational Center represents an important milestone in the humanitarian work of Shakira, who continues to be a role model in the field of social responsibility and commitment to education. This project demonstrates how collaboration between artists, governments and organizations can have a lasting impact on disadvantaged communities, providing learning and development opportunities that will transform the lives of countless children and families in Barranquilla.