Shakira sings with her children in the moving video of the new single Acróstico

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Over ten million views on YouTube in less than twenty-four hours. Shakira has released the video clip of the new song Acrostichis children by his side Milan And Sasha.

shakira, the video clip with the children

A beautiful declaration of love to her two children. The pop star released the song Acrostic which moved the audience for the great intensity. The video clip of the song shows the artist playing the piano, alongside her both her children.

Shakira recounts in the text: “I tried not to show myself crying / To show my fragility / But things aren’t always as we dream them”.

The singer continues: “And even if life has treated me this way / I’ll only be strong for you.”

The voice of Whenever, Wherever he continues: “The only thing I ask is your happiness / And to be with you / Your smiles are my weakness”.

While the singer sings the song, the images show her with Sasha and Milan in what appears to be their home, perhaps ready to be left.

Shakira wrote on Instagram: “This year Milan has written songs that made me cry with emotion and Sasha has dedicated hours to the piano, discovering her voice. Both have been by my side in the studio and after listening to this song dedicated to them they asked me to participate”.