Shakira: the millionaire sum that the singer has won with her song to Piqué

Colombian singer Shakira The 45-year-old is at his best after having a difficult 2022 and marked by his separation from Gerard Piqué that was more mediatic than expected. It was expected that by these days the artist would already be installed in Miami with her two children, but the move was delayed and other things happened.

Shakira released a new song with the Argentine producer BZRP called ‘Music Session 53’ and in addition to telling his version of the events with Pique broke the record and placed it for several days among the most listened to worldwide in Spanish. “What for me was a catharsis and a relief, I never thought that I would reach number one in the world directly at 45 years of age and in Spanish,” the singer wrote online.

The truth is that the number of reproductions of each song makes its authors earn money and this is what it is doing Shakira. In the ‘Ana Rosa Program’ on Spanish television they reported that “these days, Shakira has more than 2,500,000 dollars with the song”.

Shakira’s record. Source: instagram @shakira

This is not the first time that Shakira earns money because of his problems with his ex Gerard Piqué. The hits ‘Monotonía’ and ‘I congratulate you’ also filled his pockets with earnings, but not as high as ‘Music Session 53’, which seems not to drop from the top.

The date on which Shakira He will start a new life with Milan and Sasha in Miami, where a luxurious mansion awaits them. But the good news that the singer received this week is that the health of her father William Mebarak improved and that she could accompany her.