Shakira: this is the singer’s diet to look fit at 45

Colombian singer Shakira 45 years old does not neglect his image or his career in the midst of his divorce with Gerard Piqué. Things seem to be complicated for her but despite this she does not stop working or taking care of the upbringing of Milan and Sasha, her two children of hers.

Recently Shakira premiered his new clip called ‘Monotonia’ which is a musical collaboration with Ozuna and it is said that in the coming months he could work with another music reference, Bad Bunny. In the video you can see a great artistic display by the artist and makes it clear that she retains her elaborate silhouette after 40.

It turns out that the secret of the figure of Shakira it’s your diet. It is true that she trains permanently with the help of a renowned fitness professional and that her passion for dancing helps her, but nutrition is key so that she can look splendid in each public appearance she makes.

Shakira. Source: Terra archive

A clear example of how strict their diet is is that processed sugars are completely prohibited in the diet of Shakira as well as cakes, desserts, and sweets that include dough. According to the portal ‘Mui Kitchen’, the singer cannot consume dairy products or their derivatives either.

Of course, fried foods and fats are no longer part of the preparations you consume Shakira. What has not transpired is her children, Milan and Sasha, follow the same instructions or if they are given different preparations despite living under the same roof.