Shakira’s new business that will make her bill millions

Shakira has once again surprised its followers with its latest business initiative: an official product that promises to revolutionize the market. The Colombian singer has decided to take advantage of the scandal that she has been involved in in recent months to launch a product that has generated great expectations among her fans.

Shakira continues to capitalize on the scandal by releasing an eye-catching official product. The Colombian singer is doing everything possible to get as much profit as a result of her separation from Piqué and the footballer’s infidelities. Her song “Session 53” with Bizarrap has left the best phrases that have undoubtedly become a hit. royal leitmotiv. The official video has already reached more than 325 million views and almost 10 million likes in just one month.

Now, Shakira has released a coat with a design that includes the lyrics of his song, which can be purchased for $60 through a link shared in his stories. The singer remains faithful to her artistic principles and continues to amass her fortune in any way possible.

The new sweatshirt/sweatshirt. Source: Instagram @shakira.

A striking and original product

The surprise has come with the announcement that Shakira He has created a line of clothing products with his most iconic phrases, and which of course bears his name. The first product on sale is an original and eye-catching product that promises to be a bestseller. It’s a sweatshirt with the phrase “Women don’t cry, women bill”, and they announced it as a limited edition.

While Pique He mentions her in an interview saying that she is his most famous contact, she has completely passed him by, and is 100% focused on her career, her children and her family, such as her father’s health. Difficult moments that Shakira experienced before separating from her for the health of her father and that Piqué did not accompany her, part of the claims that she makes in her song.