Shakira’s new loss that makes her worse and worse

Shakira is a Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer and businesswoman who has been in music for more than 25 years and who has managed to win the affection of not only Latin Americans, but also the whole world. The interpreter of ‘Ojos así’, she is the most awarded female Latin artist of all and one of the most listened to worldwide. But, for this she has not only been known, because she was also in the eye of the controversy due to her separation with Gerard Piqué. The new problem that is added of her, is that she lost the verification of her on Twitter and her fans exploded.

After the scandal with Gerard Piqué where the former footballer cheated on Shakira, the singer decided to take refuge in her children and unloaded all her feelings through four songs that were successful and made the former defender of Barcelona angry. After leaving the separation behind, the creator of ‘Waka Waka’ settled in Miami with her children to have a quiet life, but found that her mansion was attacked by a plague of termites, which prevented her from settling in and live calmly

Shakira enjoys her life in Miami. Source Instagram @shakira_isabel77

Beyond those drawbacks, Shakira He enjoys his new life in Miami, in the mansion he bought in the early 2000s for three million dollars. According to some images, the singer is accompanied by her parents and her entire intimate circle and has even attended important sporting events. As for her children, she already attends one of the most expensive schools in the city. Meanwhile, she is working on her future in music.

On the other hand, fans of Shakira showed their anger at Twitter because they removed the verification from the singer, which she had achieved for being one of the highest references in Latin music. On this social network, users were outraged and assured that the singer’s fan account has the blue checkmark and the artist herself does not. However, it did not happen only to her, but it has to do with new Twitter policies.

Shakira lost the blue tilde and caused anger among users. Photo captures Twitter @shakira

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, its goal was to combat all fake accounts and monetize the social network. For that, it implemented ‘Twitter Blue’ and all those who want to have their account verified must pay a subscription of 8 dollars. In addition to Shakiracelebrities such as Ibai Llanos, Karol G, Rosalía, Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero, among others and has aroused anger in these people by losing their blue accent.