Shakira’s new sign that predicts a duet with Alejandro Sanz

Colombian singer Shakira He is one of the top Latin American stars who has managed to break his music with all intercontinental limits. Currently, she is living a very particular year, after separating in 2022 from former soccer player Gerard Piqué, the artist moved to Miami with her children Milan and Sasha.

Shakira and Alejandro Sanz. Source: Instagram @shakira

This resounding change in life, after years living in Barcelona, ​​has kept the Barranquillera woman in the center of attention of the media, who do not want to miss a single detail. Within this framework, Shakira recently issued a statement on her instagram asking the paparazzi to respect the privacy of their children in this new phase of their lives.

Will Shakira and Alejandro Sanz make a new duet?

Shakira’s change of air keeps her more than 85.7 million followers on social networks waiting for how she will continue her musical career. It is that after the release of the hit “BZRP Music Sessions # 53” her trajectory raised the bar very high and now some rumors of a new duet with her friend Alejandro Sanz they chase her.

The first to feed this rumor was the Spanish artist. Alejandro Sanz will visit Bogotá as part of his new tour and in an interview that he gave to a Colombian medium, he stated: “With Shakira at some point we will find something to make a new duet, yes we have been in talks. Perreo is one thing that is not within my means, but there is also urban music, in which I feel comfortable. I don’t want to condemn any kind of genre.”

Those words aroused interest in finding out if they were up to something and in the last few hours it was Shakira who made a publication that was taken by his followers as a new clue that a collaboration with Alejandro Sanz is coming. The interpreter of “Monotonía” shared in her stories a fragment of “Torture”, on the 18th anniversary of the song, performed together with the Spanish, came to light and became a true hit. For now they are just rumors, but the “tracks” of both excite lovers of their music.