Shannon de Lima dazzled everyone with this video

Shannon de Lima again drove her more than 2 million followers crazy on the Instagram social network with a video in her story where she shows her full lips. The Venezuelan model is in the city of Miami where the cold does not seem to stop her.

Marc Anthony’s ex-partner is in the United States trying to escape the oppressive heat that is hitting the entire southern cone. In these weeks the American country is going through a cold wave with heavy snowfall and strong winds, so the Venezuelan has to put aside her summer look.

Shannon in Miami. Source: Instagram @shadelima

Shannon from Lima She is very assiduous to social networks to the point that each post she makes in a very short time reaps hundreds of likes and comments from her flowers. No one can deny that the Venezuelan model has a wonderful body, but this time her main protagonist was her beautiful lips.

Beauty specialists have cataloged From Lima as one of the most beautiful Latinas of the moment. That is due to the incredible figure that the Venezuelan born has but also because of a charming face with her very full lips in the Angelina Jolie style.

Shannon in Miami. Source: Instagram @shadelima

no doubt that Shannon She knows perfectly well that she has that weapon of seduction and that is why she constantly plays with her mouth on her social networks. In a video uploaded to her Instagram story she is seen pouting her lips in black and white lighting. There is no doubt that considering the cold that is hitting Miami, Shannon de Lima is warming many hearts.