Shannon de Lima showed her decontracting massage routine to look amazing

The Venezuelan model Shannon from Lima The 33-year-old is one of the most followed women of the moment and on her social networks she already has more than two and a half million followers from all corners of the world. For them she shares the best photos of her, looks and poses of her.

Shannon from Lima. Source: Terra archive

Shannon from Lima She also provides beauty tips whenever she can and now she shared in her stories how her decontracting massage routine is from the hand of a professional. In the clips, she is lying on a table while a person turns her body in different directions.

In another of the videos, Shannon from Lima he surrenders to the professional and he turns his neck to both sides at the same time that it cracks. The truth is that the treatment works for the model and after each session she is ready to face the workdays and her other obligations.

With your latest posts in the feed, Shannon from Lima shows why she is one of the most beautiful women posing from bed. Without going any further, yesterday the model wrote: “You attract when you appreciate and appreciate what you have at the moment. Happy start to the week for everyone.”

Shannon from Lima. Source: Terra archive

The last weekend, Shannon from Lima advanced in another post: “I woke up with an arepita of beans and Venezuelan cheese. What do you recommend to see? Eat and rest that the week is coming with everything, I have a surprise for you.” So far his fans are expectant.