Shannon de Lima showed off her perfect silhouette in a tight body

Shannon from Lima He began having a relationship with the Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer in the month of May 2022, or at least it seemed that way from some photographs published by celebrities. However, for a few weeks neither of the two was shown more together. Even Ester Expósito’s ex published a photo with another woman.

Who was consulted about it was the actor’s brother, Carlos Speitzer. When asked about the relationship between his brother and his ex Mark Anthony, replied: “I don’t know, you would have to ask him that. I don’t think (that they ended badly), it’s not a type of lawsuit, neither am I, they didn’t teach us that way at home, sometimes things just don’t happen and this time it didn’t happen, but well, he’s happy… well, just the way it happens I don’t know if they didn’t get along, they just realized that it was the same and it wasn’t that way”.

Previously, Carlos had spoken highly of Shannon: “Well, cute, nice, a good girl. She is very pretty that we Speitzers like and this she is very intelligent (….) I have always told her that she has very good tastes to choose intelligent women ”.

Source: Instagram @shadelima

this past monday, Shannon published a photograph where she is seen posing on her back and wearing a tight gray bodysuit. “Monday mode. Starting the week with my favorites. Happy day” wrote the model in the post, which garnered more than 6,000 likes and 40 comments.

Source: Instagram @shadelima

His hairdresser and stylist, Enrique Guzmán, left him an emoji with a love face. A well-known skincare brand told her “Beautiful”. “Happy Monday, beautiful queen” and “Spectacular, beautiful and very pretty woman, happy Monday kisses” were some of the messages from fans of Shannon.