Shannon de Lima shows what the perfect minidress is for these parties

shannon delime She is one of the most beautiful international models. Some time ago she was in a relationship with the Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer but she is currently single. Her ex-husband Mark Anthonyis days away from saying “Yes, I want” to his fiancée, the former Paraguayan beauty queen Nadia Ferreira.

Shannon He was surprised a few days ago when he published a message on his Instagram stories, which could be a hint for a possible and budding romance. “Everything is more beautiful when you have someone who, despite time and distance, makes you feel calm, good and makes your life happy,” said the image that she shared along with several heart emojis.

Although we know that it is not aimed at Mark Anthony, we do not know if he can refer to his ex-partner James Rodríguez. It is that the soccer player is at this moment in Greece where he wears the colors of Olympiacos. The couple has already suffered the distance in the past since while she stayed in Miami and other countries due to work commitments, James lived in Germany for her club, Bayern Munich.

Ideal minidress for New Years. Source: Instagram @shadelima

In the last few hours Shannon has published some ideal looks for these parties. “Two days from Christmas night, @derekaddict has everything you need. Just like me, you will find the perfect gift. I leave you my favorite options,” she wrote in the post along with three options. The first one is a gold minidress with fringes, especially for Christmas Eve or New Year.

Shannon de Lima in chocolate dress. Source: Instagram @shadelima

The second option was a long chocolate-colored underboob-style dress with a slit on the left leg. The third was a looser, brick-colored dress with a sash at the waist and a neckerchief. The three looks of Shannon They can be combined with nude sandals and are ideal for this date. The publication exceeded 30,000 likes and 150 comments.

Shannon de Lima and her third option, more sober. Source: Instagram @shadelima